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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Defamation & Harassment

Jim Budd is no stranger to defamation, in 2001 he was presented with a court injunction forcing his service provider to take down material about several companies. He then moved his base to Canada where the laws are more relaxed. Although he had reported on some genuinely fraudulent companies, which the police dealt with, he has always presented the fact that he hates wine investment, because he thinks wine should be enjoyed by people that understand and love it, not just for the rich and famous. Most people understand that they can't always have the things they want (we learn this as kids), Jim certainly doesn't understand this.

He used to attack companies like Bordeaux Index and Farr Vintners, stating that they were 'barrow boys from Essex', ex-traders from the City. This may well be true but they are now two of the biggest companies in Europe for wine. It also seems rather odd that Jim thinks that a persons background should prevent them from working within an industry.

Jim has been printing stories about companies on his blog for quite some time. He recently started attacking some new companies who were powerless to prevent his defamation.

One story below was given to us by a popular wine company:

"Jim has defamed our family name, harrassed our loved ones by e-mail for information, stolen letters, faked client information and put fake information on the internet which he has refused to take down. We can not understand why he has attacked us".

It seems Jim has been slightly put out by a lack of money offers or free wine from the above company, or perhaps it was the fact that they argued so vehemtly with him.

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