A crusader?A Journalist?Investigator? Or a dangerous obsessive man with delusions of importance?


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Criminal Investigation Techniques

Around the world there are millions of people who are extremely passionate about wine, and Jim Budd is undoubtedly one of those people. In spite of this, I would ask how many wine enthusiast would go to lengths bordering on criminality in order to promote their love for wine? At present only one man falls under this category- Mr Jim Budd. Jim Budd however is not your typical avid wine lover; he has a psychotic obsession for harassing companies who carry the sincerest of intentions for their clients and more importantly for the wine industry itself. It must be mentioned that accountability is a crucial factor for any company but intrusion, harassment and blackmail do not fall under this guise. A list of Jim Budd’s intrusive and quite disturbing preposterous behaviour can be seen below:
a. Contacting the family members of company personnel
b. Following and monitoring these family members either directly or indirectly
c. Appearing under several different aliases in order to steal private information
d. Misinterpreting documents and manipulating them for his own benefit
e. Breaking privacy laws
The above is just a brief list of Mr Budd’s misdemeanours. Jim Budd is not a person that you can reason with. His behaviour throughout his life has shown that he is a coward who will hide behind blatant facts in order feed his obsessive nature.

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