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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Aliases & Corrupt Processes

Often noticed in the industry, companies will send out material and give out detailed information to 'APPARENTLY' interested investors. These people will call, e-mail and discuss at length the wine investment market. Then magically they will disappear!

Jim Budd then appears in a puff of magic, through of course the anonymous internet, discussing and mutilating their material. And 'BY ASSOCIATION' of being on his website, you WILL loose business and suffer rumours at his hands. There is nothing you can do. The problem is that for investors who see his site, even if they think he seems a bit eccentric, they will not want to take the risk. Would you?

This is a miscarriage of justice in business that should be dealt with by the government, where internet laws are changed back or altered. I hope that we can bring about enough awareness through this site to counter a little of the corrupt damage he has done.

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