A crusader?A Journalist?Investigator? Or a dangerous obsessive man with delusions of importance?


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Jim Budd - An insight into the reputation

Jim Budd’s cavalier attitude towards wine investment is the main reason he is demonised amongst the vast majority of professionals within the wine industry. However, what is more concerning is the attention he is receiving from people who are new to the industry, people who are being misguided due to their supposed ignorance. Jim Budd is a man who holds no weight in the wine industry. Due to his disturbing past and obsessive nature his opinions are disregarded, and he is viewed as a laughing stock. I do not want to go into too much detail with regards to the disturbing allegations made in connection with Mr Budd, but it must be stressed that he is a danger to society. As someone who champions virtues such as honesty, transparency and lucidity it seems some what puzzling that Mr Budd is happy to receive back-handers. Moreover, Mr Budd is very keen for open debate which is another ‘commendable’ trait. But surely the essence of open debate is to respond to questions, rather than dismiss them simply because you are not aware of the complex procedures involved, or you cannot accept that you are wrong. Mr Budd is a confused man, a man that is devoid of reason and sanity. His principles on the face of it seem respectable but are masked by an underlining obsession to target newcomers to the industry even though; they work under the same pretence as those who have been in the industry for years, the same people that Mr Budd ironically recommends.

Lawyers working at Freshfields have discussed with certain companies about legally dismantling his work online, but the cost amounts to a minimum of 100k. Other companies and solicitors have discussed this and said the same. It seems very unfair that young companies can not be protected by the laws of this company without a huge money bag.

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